Secret Identities 24

Secret Identities: 0123456789101112131415161718192021222324

Um yeah. Okay. This page doesn’t make a lot of sense. I did this one on hour twenty-five and was hardly at the top of my game any more. Basically Juan gives up and goes to stand on a bridge to think about things for a bit, happens to see the abandoned shell of the giant robot from earlier floating by on a garbage barge, gets a bright idea, fixes it, and uses it to punch the top floors of Rupert Solomon’s building (presumably while he is in it). The end.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Rob Lopez says:

    This is quite an accomplishment, Mr. Dalton. Color me impressed. I especially love the ability you have to ground the characters in their surroundings, like chairs, tables, desks and that balcony! I didn’t even see any perspective guidelines! It’s also quite the complex story, with hints of Watchmen and various DC parallel worlds (like the Crime Syndicate). Bravo. It’d be great to see a sequel sometime with Red Fist and Albot a la Jay and Silent Bob. But now I come off as a publishing/studio exec and undermine what you’ve done here. My apologies. Love, love, love the end, all the more because of your wonderful explanatory paragraph below it.

    • Jonathon says:


      Backgrounds are important. They really make a world of difference. But in my own defence, the only reason I can get away with skipping proper perspective lines here is because of the many months of my life I’ve wasted painstakingly ruling out perspective on my other comics.

      It is now official, Albot is everyone’s favourite character. 🙂