Lords of Death and Life – Now for Sale!

Hello hello! Did you know that I have copies of Lords of Death and Life sitting in my house ready to sell? Click on the “SHOP” button above and order your copy today! This 64-page graphic novel collects the webcomic together in dead tree form, along with extra pages of story and a whole bunch of other extra material. As much as I love webcomics, my stuff was designed to be seen in print. There are so many little details that get lost at computer screen resolution. If I weren’t me, I would totally buy this book.

I have lots of other stuff available in the shop too. And there will be an ebook edition of Lords of Death and Life coming out in the next few weeks, so check back soon if you prefer your books portable AND digital. It’ll be super cheap.

A Mad Tea-Party will be back on Thursday, with the climax of chapter four about to begin.


  1. Mini-Mimi says:

    Cool, a book in print! Great! (But the one thing that stood out in those three paragraphs were the words “A Mad Tea-Party will be back on Thursday”!) I am so lookin’ forward to the rest of “A Man Tea-Party”!!!

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