The Unconquerable City 2

The Unconquerable City: 123456789101112

“Bro” is a direct translation there, by the way. I stand by it 100%.

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  1. Wood says:

    Are the symbols on their hats cogwheels ? Is this a “technology vs magic” story ?

    • Jonathon says:

      Yes and sort of yes. Or at least, it takes place in a war between a nation that excels in magic and one that has no magic but is somewhat ahead in technology.

  2. blendenzo says:

    Aha. So I was right. That is Zhenfu from Land of Two Tigers. I’m curious to find out how he ended up in the military after watching them arrest and presumably execute Granny Shisen. Drafted? Also wondering if he’s kept practicing his magic and if his skills have progressed at all.

    • Jonathon says:

      Good eye! Yup, that’s Zhenfu. This is a few years later so I tried to make him look older, but it’s the same world and the same war that was starting in Land of Two Tigers. Not all of your questions will be answered in this story. I keep doing stories set in this world but they’re all published in different places so I feel like it’s more important for each one to be able to stand alone than for the whole over arching plot to be visible. Some day I’d like to tie them all together in one location. At that point I will probably have to add in some extra stories to bridge it all together.

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