The Unconquerable City 7

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I know I made you wait a long time for this page. But I trust it was worth it.

Discussion (5)¬

  1. Dario says:

    Yep, I’ve been refreshing this page continuously for the last hour.

  2. Wood says:

    Are these creature completely made up, or inspired by some mythology ?

    • Jonathon says:

      A little of both. I’m sure I read somewhere once about creatures with multiple faces. The antlered thing is vaguely inspired by Miyazaki, though it has no stronger mythological ties than that. A friend of mine thinks it might be Wendigo. Maybe it is? The beasts in the centre panel are manticores. The bird-things were designed after a bird-thing on a Shang-dynasty bronze, but I’ve decided to call them wyverns, because they can’t be dragons (they have too many wings and not enough legs). The “witches” themselves are mythological. There are Chinese legends about “dark-skinned immortals” who live simple lives in the mountains and have great power. The myth is probably based on Buddhist ascetics who would retreat into the wilderness, or travelers from India who would carry their knowledge to China. Flower-Fruit Mountain is where the Monkey King comes from in the Journey to the West, I gave that island over to the immortals and let them turn it into an empire.