A Mad Tea-Party 213

And that is basically the end of chapter five! Next week there is the end-paper I usually finish off a chapter with, and the week after that I will probably post the cover I drew for chapter five, and then the story proper resumes with the start of chapter six on June 21st. See you then!

Discussion (6)¬

  1. Jeff says:

    loving the story!

    2nd panel “hear” should be “here”

    • Jonathon says:

      Thanks! 🙂

      It probably should, yeah, but how do you explain that to an alien robot that has probably never had a conversation in English before, in the middle of a very important diplomatic dialogue? ;-D

  2. Technically, considering the Varasq machines’ only exposeure to human speech has been intercepted military cross-talk, it’s doing surpisingly well, and may have meant “you are hear” as “You are available to receive my transmission and relay it to your unit class.”

    As an aside, and purely for information…So other sentients assist the humans in their revolt against the monkey lizards and finally get the monkey lizards off of Earth, and the humans promptly wander out and piss off the real reason the galaxy was able to finally beat back a thousand-year terror. Is that what I’m hearing (okay, reading)?

    • Jonathon says:

      You are essentially correct on all counts. Other than Roger and a few other Earth-bound aliens the resistance against the Calendi was a mostly human concern, and there was probably some alien involvement in waking up the Vourasq (see the comment: “we never got out this far”), but those are details I haven’t provided in the quick summary of historical events in this story, and neither contradicts your main point. Humans are jerks. It’s not only humans that are jerks, but humans are jerks.

  3. cwDeici says:

    oh, the guardisns actually protected people from the Vourasq? Didn’t quite get that, thought they’d just gone into hibernation. Anyway I really like that they want to make peace, it’s so much better than the regular conquest – I wonder why it’s never tried diplomacy until now though – perhaps because they’ve made it to itself/the node?

    • Jonathon says:

      The Guardians were built to protect the Vourasq from anything that’s not Vourasq. One side’s peaceful guardians are another side’s monsters. The killing spree that began thousands of years ago had finally petered out when this group was rudely awakened (and shot at) by human explorers.

      As for why they never tried diplomacy before, that’s a question that’s well worth asking.