A Mad Tea-Party 219

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I like this chief of police. He’s complicated. He would have to be, trying to keep a lid on a city sitting near the boiling point, in a dangerously directionless political climate. The rest of the book only really makes sense with this scene in place.

Discussion (6)¬

  1. Sabreur says:

    I’m liking this character as well. He’s believable, and he’s been placed in the unenviable position where doing ‘the right thing’ would get more people killed.

    Fortunately his ‘best case scenario’ is about to come true. Here’s hoping that all our favorite characters *survive* that scenario!

    • cwDeici says:

      I dunno, I think a mass arrest of the New Youthers sounds like a great idea. Japan’s prison system is very harsh (unjustly so), but good on the rehabilitation at this point in time, so maybe in this scenario as well.

  2. cwDeici says:

    one stupid public execution of a revolutionary hero coming straight up!