In the Hall of the Octopus 1

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Okay. I know it messes up everyone’s RSS feed for A Mad Tea-Party when I post other comics here, but you wouldn’t believe how busy I’ve been lately and I just don’t have time to re-engineer my site right now. This’ll have to do for now.

Anyways, welcome to the first page of a short comic that will be appearing in the next Cloudscape anthology, Waterlogged: Stories from the Seventh Sea. I’ve been having loads of fun building this comic over the past few months, and I’m really happy I get to start posting pages from it at last. It’s a setting that, for once, I’m actually in while I’m making the comic (instead of making the comic years after I’ve moved), and I’ve been experimenting a LOT with new techniques. What is the story about? You’ll have to wait and see, dear readers.

A Mad Tea-Party resumes in February.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. pencilears says:

    ooooo PNW native architecture! and clothes and hats and weather.

    prediction: the people who live in that house are all octopus-people. you will think of some fresh take on the salmon-boy mythos and I will make fangirl sounds about it.

    • Jonathon says:

      It’s worth it just for the hats. Those are some pretty sweet hats.

      I had to look up Salmon Boy, since I hadn’t read that specific story before, but rest assured I’ve been reading a lot of legends lately and there will be some familiar threads.

  2. Wood says:

    Yeah, dude, come on, why would anyone think this place is creepy ? Look at that cute octopus on the wall ! Just look at its widdle face !

    • Alain says:

      Not everyone appreciates the role of the octopus in marine ecology. Some are repulsed by it. I’m still tainted by my childhood fear of those things.