Uncanny Likeness 1

Uncanny Likeness: 123456789101112131415

Uncanny Likeness is a comic I did… phew! Four years ago. Somehow it never made it onto my website. Probably because of its content (It’s pretty dark, at least as dark as I ever get). But now that I look at it again, it’s not a whole lot darker than some other things that have happened in my stories.

So here you go. This’ll be updating only once a week for now, while I make sure I have enough new comics ready to go when this one finishes.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. I remember this one. Why do I remember this one?

  2. AH. That would be it. Well, I won’t spoil it for anyone. You know how strolls down memory lane can be full of spoilers like the fact that the mystery woman is really the Queen of Anatolia or that the whole funeral is a complicated ruse to trap General Forrobd, the Leader of the Monkey Lizards.