Those Who May Speak 3

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I think this is actually my favourite page in the whole comic.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. NiOg says:

    Were dodos actually this size? I thought they were a bit smaller.

    …Or is this a Dire Dodo?

    • Jonathon says:

      What I’ve read says they could get up to a metre tall. A metre tall is pretty big! I was surprised by that number too, because I saw a stuffed dodo in the Natural History Museum the last time I was in London, and I’m pretty sure that one wasn’t a metre tall. Maybe a metre is the maximum height, and not all dodos were this size, taking their age into consideration (for example) or time spent in captivity. I’m not sure!

      • Well-cared-for captive animals tend to be larger than their wild relatives, for a variety of reasons, so it wouldn’t be surprising for Dodo to reach, or even surpass the textbook maximum.