Those Who May Speak 14

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And now we come to the end of the story! I have nothing new that’s ready to post just yet, so I guess this site is going on hiatus for a while. Here’s what you can expect in the future:

In a week or two weeks, I will have copies of Those Who May Speak available for order in my store. You’ve read the story already, but it’s a really nice little book (and appropriate for all ages).

The next comic you see on this site will be a small excerpt from the science fiction comic I’m working on for Iron Circus‘ New World anthology. I’ll post those pages during the Kickstarter for New World (I’m not sure when that will be yet).

By July I will hopefully have all my top secret comics projects finished, and have a script ready to go for my next BIG comics project. I’m very excited about this project and I can’t wait to share it… but I need to finish the script first and foremost. If it’s not ready to launch in July, I’ll at least have a much better idea of when it will be ready, and I’ll post an update in this space.

Until then, this is not good-bye, because I am writing and drawing comics pages at a faster rate than ever before, you just don’t get to see the results quite yet.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Geeni says:

    I really loved this story! The colors and the aesthetic (Vani’s mehndi is awesome) and the historical notes, all very enjoyable.

    • Jonathon says:

      Thanks! When I was coming up with the character designs, the reading I did suggested Vani and her mother would probably have very plain saris, but that mehndi tattoos would be totally appropriate. Then I gave them jobs cleaning laundry all day, and the mehndi had to go. But why wouldn’t Vani’s mother send her to the Imperial court looking as regal as possible?

  2. blendenzo says:

    I feel like I should thank you for creating this comic. I read quite a bit of history, but this is place and time which I have not explored much, so it was a pleasure to experience it through your story. There were some subtle parts I didn’t catch as the pages were being released, but I was able to enjoy them in a start-to-finish read today. Wonderful job.

    I’ll be watching my feedreader for the next comic, whenever that may be. Until then…