The Ballad of Mulan 8

The Ballad of Mulan: 123456789101112

There’s a few different ways you could read this scene. Filial piety taking priority over loyalty to the throne? Rejecting a life of wealth and status if it means compromising your true identity? Choosing loyalty to Han culture over participating in a possibly illegitimate non-Han government (even though, as someone pointed out to me recently, there’s a good chance Mulan herself would not be Han)? Or, perhaps, simply a woman who has worked hard for twelve years and misses the parents she hasn’t seen in all that time more than anything else. Decide for yourself!

The Kickstarter to print this book only has a few hours left! Ahhhhhhh!


  1. CasualNotice says:

    Or her biological clock is ticking and she needs her dad to hook her up with a local peasant boy before all her eggs may as well be omelets.