The Ballad of Mulan 12

The Ballad of Mulan: 123456789101112

This saying is convoluted to translate and not actually scientifically accurate, but never mind. The sentiment is solid.

And there you have it! The conclusion of the story. I might have a few other things I can post here in the upcoming weeks, but my backlog is starting to dry up while I work on the new, exciting long-form graphic novel I have planned. Look for PHOBOS & DEIMOS to start showing up around June or July.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. rhythmia says:

    Hi I just wanted to tell you that I got linked here somehow as I was looking for media about the Ballad of Mulan (I’m trying to find a recording/performance somehow of an old Cantonese song version of the ballad that my grandmother used to sing since I only learned the melody for the first few stanzas). What a lovely interpretation of the ballad! I love the way you render the facial expressions and body language throughout, the way you really just let the ballad be the main text and use visuals to flesh out the rest. And good use of the little dialogue bubbles for the sound effects from the ballad and the tiny bit of extra dialogue for clarity. And augh, the feelings in the last two pages! Thank you so much for creating and sharing this. <3 Okay if I link/rec it on my tumblr?

    • Jonathon says:

      Hi Rhythmia. Thank you so much! Go ahead and link this on Tumblr if you like. And good luck finding that song, it sounds really interesting.