Ridgeview Talent Show 8

Ridgeview Talent Show: 12345678

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  1. Kailee says:

    Wow. Panel 3 reminded me again why I love your art style so much. It’s amazing how you can consistently come up with different faces for all of your characters, even the background ones. Gives your artwork a much more human feel.

  2. lake will says:

    can any one read what it says in the last panel i can’t

    • Jonathon says:

      Sorry. That panel works better in print than online. Here is his poem in full:

      Around the little pine tree
      All the trees were big and tall.
      Looking up into the sky
      It was afraid that it might fall.
      The other trees were leafy
      Homes for eagles and a bear
      But the pine tree was too boring
      Not even ants would live in there.
      Until one day a beetle said
      That “I will be your friend.”
      And the little tree was happy
      And then that is The End.