The Cloud-Leapers of Blue Pine Mountain 14

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  1. Leanne says:

    Um… you did all this in a year Jon?? (RE about half of the works here). Holy something!

    • admin says:

      Noo, the dates are misleading actually. I need to keep these dates so that WordPress will put my pages in the right order, but they don’t necessarily reflect when I drew the page. As soon as I get a spare moment to finish formatting my website I plan on hiding the dates.

  2. Is that the end of the story of the cloudleapers? It’s hard to tell sometimes (like here, or with Vancouver 2050) if the story has concluded, or if it’s still being told.

    • admin says:

      That’s the end, yeah. At least for now. A lot of these stories, including Cloud-Leapers, are actually pieces of much longer stories I haven’t had time yet to expand on fully. Which only compounds the thing I seem to have for unsatisfying endings.

  3. Mini-Mimi says:

    This is cool! I bet she’s going to end up tending the Century Root now. That would be cool. Their whole village can help! *^v^* It’s only right, that they tend the stuff they want to sell!
    Too bad you don’t have any more of this, but take your time! I’m still enjoying “A Mad Tea-Party”, and I wouldn’t want you to put that on a permanent hiatus! (Although, with this much work, you seem to handle your workload very well!)