A Mad Tea-Party 126

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  1. Lard says:

    *I am a baby who uses bad language on the internet* how did this get into the Sage Comics Collective? This is utter garbage. You barely know how to draw. Strike that, you DON’T know how to draw. I fear even if you read all the books out there on little things like anatomy and how to use a *gosh darn* pencil, it wouldn’t do you any good.

    • admin says:

      The above comment has been edited for content.
      Thank-you, Lard, for your constructive criticism. That was very helpful. Keep reading!

  2. Bear says:

    So we get back all the way to beginning? Cool, though I’m interested how will Matilda manage to rescue both her sister and the alien guy. Kind of cliffhanger.

  3. smbhax says:

    I like the background pattern in panel 3: abstract, yet volumetric, with a nice hand-drawn feel, and it adds weight to the character’s already dramatic appearance.

    Are the badges on the jacket collars a typical Japanese school uniform item?

    • admin says:

      In the present day they’re probably not. Not as far as I know, anyhow. I based them off the tendency for Taiwanese school uniforms to have a school insignia and student number on the chest. I wanted to have uniforms that were completely different from the uniforms you see in manga and anime.

  4. Bear says:

    Is there some way to support your webcomics with donations (e.g. PayPal)?

    • admin says:

      Well my site isn’t set up for it and my shop isn’t built yet, but I suppose I wouldn’t say no to any donations Paypalled to “me(-at-)jonathondalton(-dot-)com.” There are also books you can buy. Each chapter of A Mad Tea-Party, for example, is $6 US or Canadian plus shipping- shipping being ridiculously expensive and variable depending on where you are. Email me if a book is what you want and I’ll figure out prices!

  5. Soulhunter says:

    I don’t normally comment, but “Lard’s” commentary compels a response. I have been avidly following your stories for over a year now, in thorough enjoyment. Please pay no heed to such naysayers (your courteous response demonstrates a commendable personal poise, so perhaps my advice is unneeded). Your art complements the story perfectly.