(That Title Is Ironic)

Jonathon Dalton leads a double life as both a comic book artist and an elementary school teacher. Usually these two occupations get along pretty well with each other, except when he is writing report cards or finalizing a book for print. He currently lives in a small town just outside Vancouver, Canada, but has also been spotted in places as diverse as London and Taiwan. Comics artists make even less money than teachers, however, so these days he mostly stays put.

Jonathon has self-published many of the comics on this website in the form of minicomics. Still others have been included in a number of anthologies, including the 2008 Fablewood anthology from Ape Entertainment, all five extant anthologies from Cloudscape Comics, and Life Meter 3. In 2010 he received a Xeric Grant to print his full-colour graphic novel Lords of Death and Life, which he was very happy about. The Best American Comics 2010 anthology lists Jonathon’s short comic Lil’ Ulysses in Chicago as a “notable” runner-up, which proves that it IS an honour just to be nominated, if you’re nominated for the right thing. His comics work has been shown in galleries in Edinburgh, Vancouver, and Portland. Occasionally he gets illustration work published as well.

Please note: the above picture is somewhat out of date and may no longer be a fair representation of the artist. His later work lacks the sheer expressive masterwork of his early endeavors.