Past clients for commissioned comics include the B.C. Children’s Hospital and NuDay Syria.




Past clients for illustration include author Aliette de Bodard and MoneySense Magazine.




I have worked as a colourist for comics on one graphic novel and several small projects.




A gallery of personal or speculative work in illustration, comics, and design.


Recent Work

No War for Helium

The Mason Bee Cycle

A Traditional Syrian Poem

Servant of the Underworld

Bones of the Coast

Snowmen Presents

Jonathon has been making comics for a very long time, but they only became good enough to share online circa 2002. Having lived in four countries on three continents, he is inspired to draw stories about ordinary people inhabiting strange worlds, much as our strange world is full of interestingly ordinary people. For the past decade he has mostly stayed put in just one part of the world. He lives in Vancouver, Canada, and when not drawing comics he teaches elementary school.

Jonathon has self-published two graphic novels, Lords of Death and Life, which received a Xeric Grant in 2010, and A Mad Tea-Party. He has also contributed many short stories to a variety of anthologies, including New World, FTL, Y’All, and Tamamo the Fox Maiden and Other Asian Stories, all published by Iron Circus Comics. In 2018 the Comics in Transit comic he did with Mohammed Alsaleh was featured on a PBS News Hour segment about the project.